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DMZ Innovation with Smart Show UK

Established in 2016, 'SmartShow UK' design and build unique solutions for DMX Lighting and Addressable Pixel LEDs, that can be commanded over Ethernet or WiFi, using ArtNet, E1.31(sACN) and DMX protocols. Smart Show have been working closely with some of the major software applications companies to ensure full compatibility.

Smart Show products have been used in many TV shows, advertising, theatres, clubs, dance acts and architectural lighting, the most recent examples have been ITVs 'The Masked Singer', Marks & Spencer window displays, Audi, BMW, Suzuki and LNER rail adverts, DR Who's TARDIS, Miss Selfridge window displays in London's Oxford Street, 'The Voice' in Europe and many other TV shows all over Europe, Australia, North and South America. Smart Show also have many Christmas/holiday lighting shows featuring our products.

The products are innovative, simple to use, and among some of the smallest and most powerful lighting devices available for their cost.

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