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Westbrook Club

2a Rancorn Road, Westbrook, Margate, Kent, CT9 5DG
(01843) 292045
How does an act get booked here?
Contact through Kelly at [email">

What styles of music is the venue interested in?
Covers past and present

What size of band is the venue interested in?
Any size

How big is the venue?
Space for a large crowd standing and seating. Unfortunately there is a flight of stairs leading up to the venue.

What are the facilities for musicians?
There is a small raised stage, but plenty of floor space.

How long do they expect the set to be?
2 x 45 mins to end around 11 pm. Bank holidays extension until midnight

What times are gigs?
Evening gigs. At the moment they only occur on the last Friday of each month.

What are the parking arrangements?
Unfortunately there is no designated parking but there is usually plenty of spaces available on the street and nearby roads

What are the Load/Unload arrangements?
If requested we can usually save spaces for the band

Any age restrictions?
Under 14's to be accompanied by an adult.

Any entrance fees?
Entrance is free

What are the payment arrangements?
Cash on the night
Where to find us:
Previous gigSeptember 2014


No gigs this month

Mr Gig says: "Gigs are sometimes cancelled or changed at short notice.
To avoid disappointment, contact the venue on the day to make sure the gig is still on."
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