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Vikings of Steel

Vikings of Steel are an extremely popular band that hails from the Southeast corner of England; their style is heavy metal in every sense of the word. Beautiful Guitar harmonies that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end, Guitar solos containing many notes, galloping bass lines and lots of drum fills indeed suggest this to be the case. The band invariably only play original material and it can be strongly argued that their tongues are firmly in their cheeks. However many believe that the spandex clad Vikings are just too metal for anything but metal with everything else being out of the equation, including humour. Viking gigs are always a fusion of band and audience, with both parties being transfixed into a world of pure metal ecstasy. Invariably after every performance the crowd has left with smiles on their faces, still humming Vikings of Steel songs as they toddle back to their brick built shells. The Vikings commitment to metal is absolute, and it is this unshakeable resolve to bring their metal to the people that will possibly make Vikings of Steel the most important band ever.
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