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The Suspects

Indie/Alternative/Rock Covers Band

The Suspects are a carefully constructed mould of musical dough pieced together from four factory rejects who have derived from quite different backgrounds. They consist of Jamie Swift on rhythm guitar and vocals, Richard Harvey on lead guitar, Mark Cornwell on bass, and Jez Silcock on Drums. They met around four years ago during smoking breaks at work and late drinking sessions to concoct ideas about starting a new band that didn't do the cliche rock covers that so many other bands played, or murdered. They wanted to break that mould and do their songs as close to the real thing as possible, and four years on have gained notoriety for doing just that.

Whatever you like about music in general, there will probably be something in their line up that will entice you to stay and watch the performance, whether it be Jez's trademark screams and general boisterous-ness, Swifty's random high notes and growls, Richards zone-outs or Marks ability to make Swifty laugh mid-song by a mere glance. Whatever it is, you can be guaranteed a good laugh at the very least...

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