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the soul

Indie, Pop, Rock, Dance

 The SouL began when singer Dave Battersby and guitarist Chris Mahoney got together in 2004 and decided they wanted to start writing songs and form a band. They started looking for a drummer and tried a few out but none of them seemed to have the same ambition as them. They continued writing and looking for a drummer, until late when 2007 they found out Alex Healey's (the drummer) band had split up. After ringing a few friends and knocking on a few doors, they managed to get his phone number. They met up at the local pub, had a few drinks and talked about the band realising they shared the same ambition. Alex was keen to hear some of their songs that they had recorded on the sixteen track mixer. Alex liked the tunes straight away and decided to join the band. While Dave and Chris were away for the week, Alex worked on this drum parts, playing to a rough demo that they had given him to work on. They seemed to gel quickly and started to look for a permanent practice room. Next on their list was finding the perfect bass guitarist and rhythm guitarist. Alex's younger brother Joe Healey decided to give it a go he already played the guitar and with his fast fingers and influences of Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Hendrix he picked up the bass quick. Not long after they asked Alex's best friend John Percival to become their rhythm guitarist. They set themselves a goal to have a set and be gigging as soon as possible which they completed in March 2008. In July 08 they recorded their first demo at Frog Studio's. The SouL are currently working on new material and will be gigging again in the autumn.

 Influences Echo and the bunnymen
The beatles
The Charlatans
Happy Mondays
John Lennon
The Kinks
The La's, Led Zeppelin
The Steamboat Band
Small Faces
The Smiths
The SouL
Stone Roses
The Verve
arthur lee
The doors
The stranglers
Teardrop Explodes
Joy division
Arctic monkeys
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