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The Black Horse Inn

Pilgrims Way, Thurnham, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 3LD
(01622) 737185
How does an act get booked at the venue?
Contact Julie Reeman. Demo always required new acts. Venue also books via agents - Doug Hudson and Mike (Muzikman)

What styles of music is the venue interested in?
All styles of music, covers, tributes Irish etc

What size of band is the venue interested in?
Small bands due to size of venue - 2 or 3 persons

How big is the venue?
Venue holds approx 100

What are the facilities for musicians?
4 power outlets no sound limiter or PA system

How long do they expect the set to be?
The sets are generally 2 x 45 mins with a break. Time from 8.45 - 11.00 about.

What times are gigs?
Always evenings - every Wednesday and some Fridays

What are the parking arrangements?
Plenty of parking - up to 50 cars

What are the Load/Unload arrangements?
Musicians park at front and come in through front door with no steps.

Any age restrictions?
Generally over 18's - not a 'young' venue

Any entrance fees?
No entrance fees

Any other rules?
Strict finish of 11.00pm due to neighbourly relations.

What are the payment arrangements?
Cash on the night - entertainment form to be signed by musicians.

Email address:
[ The Black Horse Inn Web Site ]
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Mr Gig says: "Gigs are sometimes cancelled or changed at short notice.
To avoid disappointment, contact the venue on the day to make sure the gig is still on."
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