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Rock Band

SurfDudeGrandad - a rock band with a phobia for any event that contains a buffet, i.e. we don't do functions. Well rarely. 
We rarely do weddings or birthday parties.

The material we play ranges from The Kings of Leon, Editors, Strokes, Arctic Monkeys to classics from the Stones, Beatles, Guns n Roses and the like.

In addition we also play original material.

We never play the same set list twice. 

Surfdudegrandad are;

Luke - Guitar/Vocals

Stuart - Guitar/Vocals

Ted - Bass Guitar/Vocals

Gary "dooey" - Drums

Lee - Harmonica, Rythm guitars, acoustic and electric and cahon.

We have 3 diferent line ups depending on the venue;

Acoustic trio with added cahon, Unplugged set as a 5 piece with acoustic guitars, mandolin and banjo and the full rock 4 piece.

Places SurfDudeGrandad have gigged.
Contact Information and bookings
Phone 07801 814454

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Mr Gig says: "Gigs are sometimes cancelled or changed at short notice.
To avoid disappointment, contact the venue on the day to make sure the gig is still on."