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A tight and creative four piece band, comprising of Female lead vocals, guitar (sometimes acoustic, sometimes electric) with BVs, bass and drums. Singer and guitarist also play as a duo but whichever incarnation of this outfit are playing, you can be sure of both great original songs and top quality musicianship. Here's a quote from a recent review of one of our performances. 

"Their current line up is full of top players who unlike other technically gifted musicians that can leave you cold, they still manage to really move people with so much feel to what they do. It’s clear they enjoy themselves and it feeds straight into the audience who feed it straight back to the band. Sometimes Jazzy, sometimes pop, but always soulful. The singer’s voice is a bit Joni Mitchell, Hazel O’Connor, someone next to me cited Fleetwood Mac, other’s cited Pink Floyd but you cannot pigeon hole this band, you have  to hear them for yourselves."

A party covers band we are not. Original music that you really can listen to, is what we do.


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