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Sonar Nation

Maidstone & Folkestone based alternative rock band
Sonar Nation are a four piece band from Kent who write and perform original music.

Formed in 1993, Sonar Nation have to date released; two 12" e.p's (on TMSY records ), three singles and one long player ( on Abstract Sounds ) & their new e.p. "Dirty Hands & Wishes" ( on Tunbridge Wells Indie, Unlabel )

Upon it's release, the debut L.P. "Cylinders In Blue" garnered high praise and accolades from all the major music press.

From playing the local venues of the Maidstone and Folkestone areas, to touring extensively throughout the UK and European live circuit alongside many great and interesting bands including; Done Lying Down, Cable, Ash, The Damned, Pet Lamb, Huggy Bear, Skyscraper, Joeyfat and Cove.

Sonar Nation have stunned and wowed audiences with their uncompromising and exhilarating performances.

Sonar Nation are;

Si Clatworthy

Shaun Tucker


Terrey Davey

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