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Shadow Aspect


Shadow Aspect 

Heavy metal has found a new groove in SHADOW ASPECT!!

Metal has been crying out for a new breed of groove-heavy music, and in these UK bruisers it just might have found its salvation

After years of honing their craft to a vice-like tightness on the south England circuit, the Kent four-piece, emerged from the shadows with their blistering three-track EP ‘STAND TO THE FRONT’. Now with a new drummer and crop of new drop tuned songs Shadow Aspect have moved to the next level.

Shadow Aspect mix elements of groove metal with modern thrash and metalcore as a blueprint for their own brand of metal mayhem. Huge riffs tumble around lock-tight rhythmic foundations and giant choruses. Explosive solos complement what can only be described as devastating vocals.

The band’s potential has already been harnessed by international magazines, with features appearing in Europe’s bestselling guitar monthly ‘Total Guitar’ and drum-bible ‘Rhythm’

Total Guitar was so impressed with the band, Music Editor James Uings personally produced ‘Stand To The Front,’ and the artwork was designed by John Blackshaw and photos by Joby Sessions

One thing’s for sure. You can Aspect mayhem!!

Band members are

Vocals - Grant Simpson
Guitars - Adam Pinner
Bass - Lee Hanson
Drums - Dan Hoare

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