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Motion Picture Soundtrack


Based in Canterbury, at the heart of the garden of England, Motion Picture Soundtrack deftly weave engaging lyrics and powerful moving melodies into their deep, dark rock tapestry. At times gentle, at others fiercely driven, the result is uplifting, yet realistic, euphoric and beautiful.

Motion Picture Soundtrack's 3 track "Departure EP" is the perfect introduction to a band that haven't rushed themselves into putting out release after release. Instead, they've spent 18 months with Hugh Jones (Echo and the Bunnymen, I am Kloot) and Dan Austin (Doves, Massive Attack, Oceansize) perfecting their forthcoming debut album, 'The Shapes We Fear Are Of Our Own'. Recorded in Copenhagen, London and the U.S, with Paul Schroeder (The Stone Roses, The Verve), Cenzo Townshend (Editors, Bloc Party, Klaxons) and Bob Ludwig (RATM, Radiohead, Tool...) the band's sonic theatrics have been perfectly committed to record.

Lead single Departure conjures thoughts of a band pursuing an engaging, modern take on the 80s shoegaze of such luminaries My Bloody Valentine, with just enough soaring melody to compliment any distorted guitars. As the track's brasher chorus erupts in the wake of tumbling piano keys, Motion Picture Soundtrack assert themselves as not only masters of the crescendo but excellent at uniting thoughtful tender moments with out and out crushing rock. The manifesto is to create music that is big enough to move mountains but that can equally speak with a hushed intimacy. It's intricate, but under the band's complete control, and made to seem effortless.

2009 sees the band fulfilling the promise of that first XFM review. The sonic swirling of their sound draws a definitive line between the patient, brooding and stylistic MPS, a band with real staying power, and the countless fly by night acts that clog up much of the community. With people across the UK taking a deeper interest in their work and an ever-increasing number of fans discovering the power of the live show, they are truly a band to connect with. The coming year could well be theirs.



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