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Kerbstone are a group that formed in the summer 2003 out of a necessity as Kai, Sam and Gary its founder members thought most of music offerings around were basically crap.

Their intention to produce songs that would excite people enough to go out and wanna buy them...and also make ‘em lots of money along the way. They’ve managed to create music with balls, metal music with fast funky beats and sexy licks, the kind that grabs you by the throat and holds onto you until your very last gasp....and lyrics that can cut and soothe your core at the same time.

Influences - Deftones, Korn, Hed Pe and the obligatory "sex,drugs & rock’n’roll"

Kerbstone are:
Sam - Lead Vocals
Kai - Guitars
Gary - Drums
Malsmas - Bass
Contact Info and bookings
Phone 07951 896039

Previous gigAugust 2014

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To avoid disappointment, contact the venue on the day to make sure the gig is still on."