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Kat Vipers

Kat Vipers has been writing, producing, releasing, and performing her own inimitable and unflinchingly unique music in London since January ‘05. She has, in the process, elicited some of the most enthusiastic responses from admirers that throw themselves into the path of an intrepid and tempestuous musical talent.

Born in Athens to a family of pianists and singers, Kat quickly yielded to her musical calling. She began playing piano at the age of four and later went on to study at the Conservatoire in Athens and with some of the greatest Pedagogues in Paris and London, Kat nurtured her talent and developed the skills she would need to deliver her first record. Amongst the long list of her distinguished teachers are the names of: Professor Christopher Elton (Head of Keyboard – Royal Academy on Music), Hilary Coates (Trinity College of Music), Maria Kanatsouli (herself a pupil of the great Yvonne Lefebure) and Alexei Mirosnikov.

She released her last EP ‘Summer Bloody Time’, heralded as a jazz-punk phenomenon who delivers a highly individualistic, percussive way of piano playing (she calls this jokingly “punk ‘n’ roll pianism”) as well as an idiosyncratic and emotionally charged singing style; the recording was made possible thanks to a grant from the Arts Council, England – a very rare event given that she was unsigned, and at the very beginning of her career. The power of Myspace as well as word-of-mouth have brought Kat a range of high profile fans including Brian Molko (Placebo), Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls), Barry Adamson and even the legendary Michael Nyman.
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