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rock 'n' roll & 90's grunge
Originating in a barn on a marsh, Karona now covers a large area of the South East, with members scattered from Lydd and Ashford in Kent, to Robertsbridge in East Sussex, all drawn together by a lust for playing music.

The wierd 5 have grown up listening to the sounds of Hendrix, Guns n Roses, Stone Temple Pilots and Ozzy Osbourne. The healthy taste in music led to the founding of the band two years ago, with Dann and RedReece in the line-up. The line-up changed several times over the years, until the long awaited arrival of Rich, Charlie, and finaly, Tom, late in 2005.

The ambitious band works to mix catchy tunes with mad solos. With pure energy on stage, Karona shows are becoming ever more intense, and has led to the release of their 3-track cd (and a big demmand for Karona badges).
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