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Five Floors Up

Canterbury Rock Outfit

Five Floors Up was born in May 2009, since then they have had a successful tour of Scotland, various gigs in London / South East and had worldwide radio airplay

Lead singer Chess Smith has an amazing voice with range and power rivalled by few other vocalists. We are delighted to welcome her to the band and look forward to her talents taking Five Floors Up to the next level.

Lead guitarist, Andy Ridgeway brings to the group a funky riff-driven edge with technical flair. Andy presents and produces DVDs and books on advanced guitar technique as well as writing, composing and performing music for film and documentaries.

Kevin Macleod, on bass, started out as an acoustic singer / songwriter and has a big influence on how the songs are written as well as providing beautiful harmonies. He insists on his fifth string and rightly so as it drives the powerful rhythms of the Five Floors Up sound.

Drummer- Neil Stockley, like all the great drummers uses his kit creatively to full effect with hooky syncopated beats, enabling Five Floors Up to get the crowd on their feet at every gig.

Enjoy the Five Floors Up phenomenon!

Ali Mehmet is the bands "5th member" working as a promoter for us and doing a great job booking gigs and festivals. Ali works day and night supporting the band and creating opportunities for us and we would like to extend our thanks

Promoter - Ali Mehmet
Mobile; 07595547830
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