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Film Club

This is an announcement of the arrival of called 'FILM CLUB', deluxe indie band from the cultural desert of East Kent, around Margate. We Created Ourselves.

Five people playing in the band, hoping we'll find that we've got something to say.

Our honesty is our downfall, come and see us play live to find out why.

We don't want to do covers but we're not strong enough to resist, at least not while we're starting out so we are reproducing some of the finer moments of the last 30 years of alternative pop music; The Smiths, Talking Heads, The Jam, etcetera..

We have lots of our own songs;. Soft to hard alternative pop to indie/rock music styles.

Nice boys, wanting to make our own sounds, please help us by coming to see us play live. Not easy to exist as a band doing your own material in the cultural desert of East Kent. Please, you gotta help us out.

Our band is called FILM CLUB.

not to necessary speak in normal, we are FILM CLUB.
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