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Control of Reason Disbanded

Heavy Rock

Formed from bits of left over shit that climbed from an abortion clinic bin - Control of Reason are back and looking more refreshed than a frozen roadkill....Yes! Control of Reason have been around longer than God, Yes! they are still enjoying the same attitude that got them banned from numerous venues, and Yes! they still like to write songs that cause rational people to take a tazer to their own genitals. With a new line-up and new songs, the band is now ready to embark on destroying itself before it even gets a gig. But that won't stop us, no, no, no, we have second hand equipment, second hand songs that we call original, second hand livers due to excess and second hands that slowly make fierce and brutal love to their instruments of choice. Coming soon to a venue/police station/hospital/morgue near you. Check listings for details.

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