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Circle of Rage

A five-piece outfit whose members all hail from the same village in Kent. They ALL attended the same primary school, so have literally grown up together.
You could even say that "Circle of Rage" was formed way before they even held any instruments. Through a mutual passion for alternative music coupled with a recognition for strong, indicative lyrics, it seemed the next logical step for them to decide that...

..."We can do this!" "Let’s make a wants to play what?"

So that’s exactly what they did. They learnt to play and six years later, (March 2007), play they did!


From the moment they committed to the idea, they have worked tirelessly to hone our sound to what they KNEW we wanted. As a band, Circle of Rage are true believers in the "power of words". Furthermore, that Hardcore music should be a form of poetry set to hard-edged, aggressive, yet exciting and powerful music. It is this that they try to accomplish.

Their words reflect the punk/political clout of bands such as "Anti-Flag" and "Bad Religion" whilst their music takes a range of inspiration from 80’s metal i.e. "Megadeth", "Metallica", "Pantera" to more recent Hardcore offerings in the vein of "Refused", "Death by Stereo".

Instead of mere imitation, they marry any influences with more original structural concepts, so retaining their musical genuineness and independence.

There is a very apparent secrecy in the upper levels of our society yet despite this, we are asked to follow our appointed leaders with an unwavering and therefore unnatural conviction.
We as a people NEED to know things and demanding truth in times of deceit is indeed a revolutionary act. Why all the secrets? What do they know?

The mindless may call the band conspiracy theorists, but they’ve been taught to conveniently forget that conspiracies DO exist regardless of the theory. After all, we write about what we learn and wish to share our views on this mad world with all who will listen. To those who do not want to hear it.....good luck with that ;)



The first we made in 2006/7 entitled Let’s talk..! was a 4-track demo of sorts. All recorded and produced ourselves.

The second disc, "Curtains up EP", is our latest offering and was released in December 08.

All recorded ourselves but mixed by Gez Walton (formerly of “Ghost of a Thousand”) and mastered by Martin Kent (of Skunk Anansie).

The third and latest offering is our mini album entitled PROBLEM.REACTION.SOLUTION. Mixed & mastered by Gez Walton, it contains 9 tracks and it's good so buy one! £5

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