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Soloist - 50's & 60s covers
Chalkie is a young lad of 21 who performs all over Kent and Essex playing mainly 50's and 60's covers. He plays a Fender Strat and keyboards and his act is different in that he uses a radio mic so that he is not confined to one area of the venue.

Not just a singer and guitarist, Chalkie entertains the audience and often gets them joining in. Locally he plays regularly in the Earl St. Vincent and the Eagle in Ramsgate, and will soon be playing regularly at the Swiss Cottage, Ramsgate.

Every month Chalkie plays in pubs in the South Essex area.
Contact Information and bookings
Phone 01843 852469

Previous gigSeptember 2014

No gigs this month

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To avoid disappointment, contact the venue on the day to make sure the gig is still on."